Bobby Brennan

Software Engineer


I'm an experienced software engineer with degrees in Computer Science, Mathematics, and Linguistics. I specialize in Developer Tools, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing. However, I am at heart a generalist, love learning new technologies, and am comfortable working on frontends and backends alike.



DataFire is an API integration and task automation platform

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AnyAPI provides documentation and test consoles for over 100 public APIs

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Open Source

DataFire Framework

The DataFire framework is an MIT-licensed framework for working with APIs, databases, and other services. It drives the platform.

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API Spec Converter

api-spec-converter is a library for converting between API description formats such as Swagger and I/O Docs

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A lightweight utility for parsing RSS/Atom feeds in Node and the Browser, with over 5,000 downloads/month

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Strapping is an open-source GUI for building customized Bootstrap themes.

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Posted is an Android app that uses natural language processing to detect breaking news on any topic in real time

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JavaScript ES6 Promises - Patterns and Anti-patterns

A breif rundown on best practices when using JavaScript Promises

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Upgrading to Async/Await with JavaScript ES8

An overview of the benefits of async/await syntax in JavaScript

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