This is a demo of Strapping. Play with the values on the left to alter the colors, styles, and fonts used on this page. Then click the Preview button to see your changes.

You can Save your custom theme as Sass, CSS, or JSON, and can Load saved themes from Sass or JSON.



Check out the demo

Strapping is a web plugin for live-editing custom Bootstrap themes. Include Strapping on any page that uses Bootstrap CSS, and use the toolbar to modify the page's colors, sizes, and fonts.

You can incorporate Strapping into your project in two ways:

  1. Include Strapping in development to help you customize your site's styles
  2. Include Strapping in production to allow users and teams to create themes for your site


npm install --save strapping

The dist/ folder comes with two files:

  • strapping.min.js
  • sass.worker.js - from sass.js

sass.worker.js is rather large (~3MB), so it's only loaded if Strapping is initialized.

    <script src="path/to/strapping.min.js"></script>
  <body onload="strapping.initialize('path/to/sass.worker.js')">
    <div class="alert alert-info">
      Customize Me!



By default, Strapping provides buttons for saving the resulting CSS or Sass to a local file. If you're using Strapping in production to allow your users to customize your UI, you'll probably want to save the result to a CDN or database. To do this, you can replace the default buttons with your own: = function(result) {
  if (result.status) throw new Error(result.message);
  // Pass the result to S3, localStorage, ...

  workerPath: 'path/to/sass.worker.js',
  heading: `
<a onclick="strapping.compile()">Preview</a>
<a onclick="strapping.compile(save)">Save</a>


You can use strapping.load() to set the theme using saved JSON or Sass: = function((result) => {
  localStorage.setItem('_variables.scss', result.sass);

let saved = localStorage.getItem('_variables.scss');
if (saved) strapping.load(saved);

Position and Styles

By default Strapping will just append itself to the document body. You can also pass in a parent element:

  <div id="Strapping"></div>
      workerPath: 'path/to/sass.worker.js',
      parent: document.getElementById('Strapping'),

The inserted element will have the id #StrappingEditor, so you can also apply CSS to it:

#StrappingEditor {
  position: fixed;
  top: 0;
  bottom: 0;
  right: 0;
  width: 300px;


By default, Strapping allows modification of any Bootstrap variable. You can restrict the list of available fields using strings and regular expressions:

  workerPath: 'path/to/sass.worker.js',
  fields: [/^(alert-|button-|brand-)/, 'border-radius-base', 'link-color'],


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